I’m so excited to be back on line with a brand new website and blog. While I have not been blogging I do hope you have managed to catch some of my news through my posts on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.

Over the months I have experimented with new materials , techniques and approaches. My art has evolved to a more abstract style which has a focus on colour-(field) and texture. I am delighted to have held several very successful exhibitions.

More recently I have moved from my home based studio into a studio space at The Barn in Aldgate (for information about The Barn visit www.thebarnwebsite.com).

Corner of my studio at The BarnThis move has thrown up many exciting possibilities as well as a few challenges. Rather than just popping into my studio at any time of the day (or night) I now have to travel to my studio which requires planning and time!

However, it is a lovely experience to travel from home to Aldgate, there is time to think, and experience the beauty of the hills which this is bringing a new influence into my work as I have noticed some of the linear forms giving way to softer more expressive colour bursts.

And I am in the process of developing two painting workshops as part of a new series of Sunday Art at The Barn. I will be posting more about these workshops very soon.