Its been one of those days.

This work in progress …

Work in progreww 151013

Has become this …

Plan B

No the images are not in the wrong order, I’ve adopted what I have come to call my Plan B which is a somewhat familiar experience for  some artists. Its true not everything works out as well on canvas as it does in my head so when I finally decide that it is not worthwhile to keep pushing something that is not working I grab my big pot of black gesso and give myself a new beginning point.

And it was this cartoon with the caption that reads “There was this artist who had at least 23 ideas what to put on a middle sized canvas and who usually ended up with a totally black one (the so-called Plan B)” that showed I am not alone and gave the term “Plan B” for these situations.

Black canvas

Toady will be a better day. The sun is shining and I can see fresh colours popping on the textured surface.