For me it has was busy and both humbling and successful with my art shown in a number of venues and several pieces sold. My exhibitions were shown:

… at Etienne on Unley Rd. I exhibited a collection of colourful works inspired by the garden and focused on texture, abstraction and colour-(field), re-interpreting my environment and creating a journey across the painted surface

… in an exhibition with artists from The Barn titled “Off Shoot” I include mixed media works on canvas and a new selection of textured soft works on cotton paper floating within a white frame

… SALA Gala in the Garden was a great day. Beautiful sunshine drew the crowds to view all the amazing exhibits. It was a wonderful experience demonstrate painting and talking to so many people about my art

… and as a way of giving to the community who has supported me in many ways I exhibited a selection of works in the Unley Council Chamber and Inner Gallery

With this SALA finished it is time to turn return to my studio and contemplate my next series of works.