I find art prizes both exciting and challenging particularly when there is a diversity of 2D entrants ie painting in all media as well as photography. I am confounded by how it is possible to judge such a variety of works. Nevertheless, I am willing to throw my hat (or my painting) into the ring and see how I go.

So for me it was a great delight to have my painting Jacaranda time selected as a finalist in the recent “All connections to Unley Art Prize”.

When I learnt of the inaugural prize offered by Unley Council I immediately thought of the street trees that provide beautiful corridors throughout the City. In particular, I envisioned the Jacarandas that line so many of the city’s streets during my birthday month of November. Their beauty and colour fill not only the tree tops and the footpaths along which we walk but also our imagination.

My 60 word description accompanying the painting stated…

“Jacaranda Time” celebrates the thousands of leafy street trees in the City of Unley, particularly Jacarandas, with their breathtaking vivid lilac-blue floral display. The painting references and abstracts their beauty which enhances the living environment of Unley’s diverse population. One can envision the trees as a woodland filled with history and mystery through which residents experience the magic of nature.

While my recent textural painting had been nonrepresentational this work demanded elements of imagery and began for me a new series of works.