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The challenge of art prizes

I find art prizes both exciting and challenging particularly when there is a diversity of 2D entrants ie painting in all media as well as photography. I am confounded by how it is possible to judge such a variety of works. Nevertheless, I am willing to throw my hat... read more

New painting studio at Wairoa

Earlier this year I relocated my painting studio. After sharing a studio space in the beautiful Barn for several months I came to realise that a shared studio space did not work for me and I needed not only solitude but more space to enable me to get into my creative... read more

School holiday painting fun

During the summer holidays I had the privilege of sharing a studio painting experience with two delightful children. They participated in three little projects. While each project was underpinned by a learning experience about colour, materials and the works of... read more

Context matters!

This art work has been in my studio for ages. Its had many layers and I was at a point of thinking that it was time to take the canvas off its stretcher (it had become somewhat heavy with the many layers of paint and other media) and start with a new piece of canvas.... read more

Plan B

Its been one of those days. This work in progress … Has become this … No the images are not in the wrong order, I’ve adopted what I have come to call my Plan B which is a somewhat familiar experience for  some artists. Its true not everything works... read more

Spring workshop

  The first workshop I ran at The Barn on 20 September 2015 was a resounding success. Attendees loved the ambience of The Barn, the atmosphere of the workshop, the food and the opportunity to enjoy and explore their creativity in a relaxed fun environment with... read more