artist statement

I am an Australian contemporary artist working in the field of painting. My art is predicated upon three basic tenets: expressing the inner significance of my world, the nature of materials and the iconic character of painting. I enjoy experimentation with painting; in particular the materiality of paint and relationship between paint and surface.

I work with a variety of materials including acrylic and oil, mediums and gels, wax and pumice on a variety of surfaces such as canvas, linen, board and paper. I build surfaces through a dialogue of adding layers of paint and other materials and scraping and sanding; an intuitive, iterative process that creates imagery and forms which are developed and nurtured as the process evolves. In seeking authenticity in my work I draw from my love of simple form, colour and tactile sensibility. I embrace the beauty of imperfection and choose abstraction to provide me with a language which is at once personal and universal: it enables me to communicate the inner significance of places, objects, textures, surfaces and substances I experience in my world.

Focused on texture, abstraction and colour-(field), my works re-interpret my environment and create a journey across the painted surface. I find inspiration in the natural and built environment encountered in my everyday life. Deciding when I have finished the work is crucial in the process. However, I do not consider it complete until it is experienced by the viewer. Seeing, finding and revealing are important for artist and viewer and create a shared meditative world not unknown to artists like Rothko…my goal is to create art that will engage and evoke, I want viewers to linger, explore and enjoy, to bring their own story and enrich their lives.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”


You know when you do something you love and forget about time and space, absorbed by the very essence of that moment … when I paint this is where I am. However, for me, this experience came after a long career as a health professional and academic. When (encouraged by reading the children’s book ‘The Dot’ that revealed everyone had a creative spirit) I first picked up a paint brush, it was with not without fear and a trembling hand.  After many hours exploring the relationship of brush, paint, surface and colour I discovered the joy of painting and determined to follow this passion … this became a new life for me.